With vast experience in their field of expertise, our speakers share their knowledge in an entertaining and informative style. We choose our speakers based on merit and subject matter giving fascinating insights into their lives and experiences.  Please see just a selection of speakers we have enjoyed at our events below:


Brian Freeland

"The View from the Wings"



Having worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company, The Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet, and various Theatre Workshops, Brian will be giving a talk on his experiences.

He has toured abroad with dance & Drama companies and since retirement is directing and writing scripts.


Ron Taylor

"Broadlands to Spithead"



Tracing the River test from Romsey and Broadlands – Palmerstons and Mountbattens, then Redbridge, Marchwood Military Port, early shipping, the Cruise ships, into Southampton Water and how it was formed- Fawley, Isle of Wight (Cowes and Hovercraft) finally Spithead and all the reviews. Plus a few stops in between.


Sir John Cole

"The Real Maggie Thatcher"



Sir John Cole gave a talk about the unseen side of Maggie Thatcher that the general public don't see.


Dr Alison Threlfall

"Yoga as Medicine"



Dr Threlfall's talk described how combining insights from the new and the old systems can result in better health, help reduce bothersome symptoms and relieve suffering.


Dr Victoria Manning

"The Non-surgical Facelift"



Dr Victoria Manning from River Aesthetics gave a talk about non-surgical proceedure option for face lifts.


Peter Roberts

"Climbing Blind"



Peter gave an engaging talk about how he and Linda, who is blind, made an attempt at climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the world's tallest freestanding mountain.


Lieutenant Colonel Paul Kinkaid ACG (ETS)

"A personal reflection of the development of British Army operations & Leadership"



Lieutenant Colonel Paul Kinkaid ACG (ETS) presented a fascinating talk on the British Army.


Anne Issaccs

"Air Traffic Investigations"



Anne gave an insightful talk on air traffic investigations.


Mr David Goldsmith

"In the Rainforest Seeking Natural Medicines"



Mr Wright spoke about his experience with finding natural medicines from within the Rainforest.


Owen Wright

"The history of Palmair with a tribute to Peter Bath MBE"



Mr Wright gave a talk on the history of Palmair and paid tribute to Peter Bath MBE.


Ralph Ellis

"My Life as a Vet"



Ralph spoke about his life and experiences as a vet from Heriott to Bionic Vet!


Sue Dewey

"Plains Indians of North America"



Sue gave an authentic presentation based on many years of study and friendship with Native American people and as a regular visitor to the Northern Plains states of America, where she frequently stayed on the reservations


Professor Jo Adams

"Research into Musculoskeletal (Arthritis) Health"



Professor Adams gave a presentation about her work with patients to design effective clinical research in musculoskeletal and gave an intreguing insight into how they design clinical trials in the NHS.


Mr Brian Pain

"An illustrated talk on the island of Spitsbergen"



Mr Pain gave a talk on the island of Spitsbergen, covering its landscape, history, flora and fauna and its fragile eco-system.


Moreen Rose

"Dressmaker to the Queen"



Moreen gave an insight into her role as Dressmaker to the Queen.


Ally Sparks

"My Charity Book"



Ally's latest book "The Man in the Water" has been written entirely in aid of the Paedeatric Intensive Care Unit at Southampton General Hospital.


Mr Simon Chadwick

"Children's Book Illustrator"



Mr Chadwick entertained and informed the Wessex Women, an enjoyable and informative evening.


Yvonne Bishop-Weston

"Eating to Reduce Stress Levels"



Harley Street Nutritionist Yvonne gave a fact filled and informed talk covering the relationship between diet and stress.


Miriam King

"Making the best of our skin as we mature"



Miriam is a Hair and Make-up Artist and shared her tips and secrets during a fascinating presentation.


Sarah Scott

"The Mayflower Then and Now"


  Sarah gave a facinating talk covering the history and behind the scenes life at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton.


Mr John Slow

"Humour in the Court"



Mr John Slow gave a humourous talk and behind the scenes view of Court life.


David Saunders

"Dr's Who Kill"

David gave an insightful presentation on Dr's Who Kill!


Vanessa Lanham Day

"Sex Sells"

Vanessa delivered an informative and humorous talk about how sex is used to sell in marketing.


Marion Emery

"Professional Speaker"

Marion Emery gave an engaging and humorous talk about her life as a professional speaker.


Mandy Hickson

"Tornado Pilot"

Mandy Hickson, a Tornado Pilot, gave us an insight into what it was like to be a female Tornado Pilot. An excellent evening!


Ailsa Walter

"The Gift of Sight"

Ailsa Walter presented a fascinating presentation entitled "The Gift of Sight"


Karen Anne

"The therapeutic benefits of Tai Chi"

The Wessex Women's Network were given a relaxing presentation and demonstration of the benefits of Tai Chi by Karen Anne..


Shelby Locke

"What if"


Shelby Locke gave a talk about his life entitled "What if". A very entertaining and enjoyable presentation!


Mr Trevor Sapey

The Mary Rose


Mr Trevor Sapey provided an engaging and interesting talk on the Mary Rose


Jane Walker

The Phillippine Trust


Founder of the Phillippine Trust, Jane Walker, gave a talk about how she started the trust and how it works.



Mr Steve Green

Remap Charity - Making Anything Happen


Mr Steve Green gave an insightful talk on his experiences with Remap Charity and the work they carry out.



PC Sian Alwood

A Trainer in the Police Force


PC Sian Alwood, a trainer in the police force, gave an insight into day to day workings and what is involved within police training.



Colin Van Geffen

"The Red Arrows, selection and collection"


Colin Van Geffen

Colin delivered an insightful and captivating talk about the Red Arrows.


Richard Burton

"Perfect Perfect"


Richard Burton

Richard has spent over forty years as a salesman . Thirteen years in old fashioned department stores in four county towns and then out on the road 1977-2009 working in every English and Welsh County selling to everyone from Barrow Boys to Selfridges.


David Sullivan

Life as a Shepherd


David Sullivan

David shared his experiences of life as a shepherd.


Trevor Gymer


  Trevor Gymer - Oceanographer


Dave Bonner

A history of magic.

  Dave Bonner - A history of magic.



Shay O'Conner

Author and International Speaker

  Shay O'Conner - Author and International Speaker

Shay has been voted top speaker by The Academy of Chief Executives and gave a fascinating presentation.


Charisma of Fawley

Fashion Show

  Charisma of Fawley gave the Wessex Womens Network a fashion show to remember!

website: www.charismafashions.com


Viv Oyolu

Radio Presenter

  Viv talked about her life as a radio presenter, and her show called ‘Dream Corner’ where she interviews small business female entrepreneurs, charting their journey to inspire women of all ages to follow their dreams and passions.

website: www.dreamcorner.co.uk


Chrissie King

From model to Artiste!

  Chrissie gave an information presentation about her transformation from model to artiste.


Lena Samuels JP.

The Magistracy

  As a co-presenter, Lena discussed her experiences working as a Magistrate and gave a fascinating insight.


Judy Clements JP.

The Magistracy

  As a co-presenter, Judy discussed her experiences working as a Magistrate and gave a fascinating insight.


Mr Chris Morley

A Day in the Life of a Butler

  Mr Morley gave an informative talk about a day in his life as butler to Lord Montagu of Beaulieu.


Amanda Smallbone

Confidence Building in Presentation Skills


Your voice, your message: creating an impact through your voice

Like it or not, there is no getting away from the fact that the way we use our voices in presentations and speeches greatly influences their effectiveness.

Our voices are a very personal thing; a symbol of our individual identity if you like, but all too often we hide ourselves behind our voices, undermining the impact of our ideas and the credibility and strength of our message.

The fact is that the way you use your voice has a HUGE impact on the way your ideas are received, the credibility and strength of your message and the way in which you are perceived by others.

Your voice is a FREE resource, and one that should work for you and your business objectives. In this practical session we will explore a number of techniques and approaches to making your voice work for you and your business. The emphasis will be on having fun with our voices in a relaxed and non-threatening environment!!

Amanda Smallbone is currently head of vocal and choral studies at the University of Winchester. Having originally trained as a singer at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama London, Amanda has pursued a varied career both nationally and internationally ,within the arts sector as a performer, communications manage, teacher and coach. Amanda is passionate about helping others develop confidence in using their voices and looks forward to sharing her passion for voice with you!

Amanda Smallbone GGSM MA, Programme Leader, BA Vocal and Choral Studies, Faculty of Art, University of Winchester, SO22 4NR.

T: 01962 827276          M: 07813 352651         email: amanda.smallbone@winchester.ac.uk


Mr John Cockran

The role of women in the New Forest during World War 2.


Mr Cockran gave a talk about the role of women within the New Forest during World War One and World War Two.


Dennis Tomlin

The Queen's Bodyguard


Mr Dennis Tomlin gave an informative account of his experiences as the Queen's Body Guard.


Susan Symes

Art in Miniature


Susan gave an insightful talk on buttons called "Art in Miniature". Susan brought along with her hundreds of buttons she has collected over the years and disucessed the history behind lots of them.


Maria Darling

Successful Business Woman


Maria started her own business and grew it through franchising.  You can find out more about her successful business via her website.

Find out more about Maria: www.shoesgloriousshoes.co.uk


Jason Noble

Singer songwriter


Jason Noble is a partially sighted Singer Songwriter.


Jus Hobbs

Personal Trainer


Jus Hobbs is a personal trainer who specialises in kettle bells.

Find out more about Jus: www.maxfit.me.uk


Christina Dykes



Christina Dykes has made a career of understanding the politics of the centre right. She has an incisive understanding of the values and people behind Conservative Party politics as well as the democratic process itself. She specialises in developing political leadership at the sharp end of everyday politics with those in power and those wanting to take it.

Find out more about Christina: www.christinadykes.com


Alina Jenkins

BBC Weather Presenter and Business Woman


Alina Jenkins former BBC weather presenter and now a successful business woman addressed the Wessex Women's Network with a fun and informative presentation.

Find out more about Alina: www.alinajenkins.co.uk


Sally Taylor

TV Presenter and Newsreader


Sally was nominated for Best Regional Presenter at the National Radio and Television Awards, and most recently has been nominated for the BBC Ruby Awards. With vast knowledge and unique insight, Sally gave a talk to remember.

Find out more about Sally Taylor via the BBC website: www.bbc.co.uk


Ian Murray

Editor of the Daily Echo


Ian Murray - Editor, the Daily Echo

Ian gave a talk about his life in the media including some very interesting insights and facts.


Lady Fiona Montagu



Lady Fiona Montagu gave an informative and interesting insight into how living at Beaulieu for 35 years has shaped her life and made her the person she is.   Lady Montagu also discussed what the privileges and drawbacks of life amongst the Montagus and those glorious cars have been.


Jake Simpkin

Southampton Historian



In preparation of the Royal Wedding on Friday 29th April 2011 – Jake offered an engaging presentation for those without an invitation. An enjoyable evening well spent.

Find out more about Jake Simpkin on his website: www.jakesimpkin.org


Kiki Maurey




Kiki has been self-employed for nearly 20 years. She started her own small limited company 4 years ago, focussing on "doing what I love and loving what I do".

Described by Barclays as "one of the best keynote speakers/facilitators in the country", Kiki gave an exceptional talk on her experiences.

Find out more about Kiki on her website: www.kikimaurey.co.uk


Rikki Arundel

Helping Men and women understand each other


Rikki is openly and proudly transgender. An expert in sales and marketing communications with an impressive 30 year track record in business, she was the founding president of the Professional Speakers Association in the UK.


Bob Champion

The Bob Champion Cancer Trust


In 1983 Bob received an MBE and also formed the Bob Champion Cancer Trust which to date has raised ten million pounds towards cancer research. Bob gave an enthralling and inspirational talk based on his life experiences and achievements.


Louisa Nunn

Purveyor of Passion


Louisa Nunn was keynote speaker at one of the Wessex Women's Network events held at The Cloud Hotel. Whether looking for love or seeking customers, Louisa spoke about how to attract the right people and make them want to talk back, whether for business or pleasure.


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